Directorate of Field Publicity  Raipur   

Location and addresses of FPUs

S.NOUnit Name Unit HeadDesignation Unit Address UNIT STD CODE Unit Telephone NO UNIT Emailid
1 AmbikapurShri Kamalvas Giri Addl ChargeFPA Field Publicity Officer S 2/C-27 Vasundhara Vihar Godhanpur Ambikapur (C.G.) Pin.497001
2 BalaghatShri B S DhruwFPAField Publicity Officer,Ward No. 33 Motinagar Balaghat (M.P.) Pin
3 BilaspurShri Kamal vas Giri FPAField Publicity Officer Qr. No.277 Ward No.6,Tulja Chowk,Chatapara, BILASPUR(C.G.)
4 DurgShri Pradeep KumarTAField Publicity Officer Professor Colony, Deepak Nagar(East),DURG (C.G.)
5 JabalpurSmt Varsha Shukla PathakAssistant Director Field Publicity Officer 308 A Sanjeevni Nagar, JABALPUR(M.P.)
6 JagdalpurShri Prashnt SharmaFPOField Publicity Officer Near Ayappa Mandir,Vrindiwan Colony,JAGDALPUR (C.G.)
7 KankerShweta SharmaFPAField Publicity Officer Grih Nirman Samiti Colony, Qr. No.15,Udai Nagar , KANKER(C.G.)
8 MandlaShri Ajay Bais FPAField Publicity Officer Jawahar Ward , Civil Lines,MANDLA(M.P.)
9 RewaSandeep Chouwksey . Addl. Charge FPAField Publicity Officer TBH-1/B Block, Shilpi Plaza,REWA(M.P) Pin-
10 ShahdolShri Hemant MarakwadeFPAField Publicity Officer MIG-15,Housing Board Colony,Near Gayatri Mandir,SHAHDOL(M.P.)
11 Sidhi Shri Himanshu SoniFPAField Publicity Officer Near Hotel Alkachhaya, Singrauli Road,Deniha Rajbhawan,SIDHI (M.P.)
List of Units With districts covered

S.NORegionnameUnit Name Districts Covered LWE Area Covered BORDER Area Covered DBT Area Covered
12 CHHATTISGARHAmbikapurSargujaLWE  
13 CHHATTISGARHAmbikapurJashpur Nagar   
14 CHHATTISGARHAmbikapurKoriya   
15 CHHATTISGARHBilaspurBilaspur   
16 CHHATTISGARHBilaspurKorba   
17 CHHATTISGARHBilaspurJanjgir-Champa   
18 CHHATTISGARHBilaspurKabirdham (Partly- 1Block)   
19 CHHATTISGARHBilaspurRaigarh   
20 CHHATTISGARHBilaspurMungeli   
21 CHHATTISGARHBalaghatBalaghatLWE  
22 CHHATTISGARHBalaghatKabirdham (Partly–2 Block)   
24 CHHATTISGARHDurgRajnandgaonLWE  
26 CHHATTISGARHDurgBemetra   
27 CHHATTISGARHDurgRaipur   
28 CHHATTISGARHDurgBalodabazar   
29 CHHATTISGARHDurgGariyaband   
30 CHHATTISGARHDurgMahasamund   
31 CHHATTISGARHJagdalpurBastarLWE  
32 CHHATTISGARHJagdalpurDantewadaLWE  
33 CHHATTISGARHJagdalpurBijapurLWE  
34 CHHATTISGARHJagdalpurSukma   
35 CHHATTISGARHJabalpurJabalpur   
36 CHHATTISGARHJabalpurKatni   
38 CHHATTISGARHKankerDhamtari   
39 CHHATTISGARHKankerkondagaon   
40 CHHATTISGARHKankerNarayanpurLWE  
41 CHHATTISGARHMandlaMandla   
42 CHHATTISGARHMandlaDindori   
45 CHHATTISGARHShahdolShahdol   
46 CHHATTISGARHShahdolUmariya   
47 CHHATTISGARHShahdolAnuppur   
48 CHHATTISGARHSidhiShidhi   
49 CHHATTISGARHSidhiSingroli   
51 CHHATTISGARHAmbikapurBalrampur   
52 CHHATTISGARHAmbikapurSurajpur   
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