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Aims & Objectives

        The Directorate of Field Publicity, by virtue of being a field-oriented organization, has been playing a pivotal role in seeking people's participation at the grass root level in various developmental schemes and programmes formulated by the Government for their benefit. By educating the people about the Government schemes, efforts are made to bring about a change in their attitude through behavior change communication. It targets people from different sections of society, particularly the weak and those living in distant areas in the rural and semi urban areas of the country. Equipped with men and material suitable for the job of delivering messages virtually at the doorsteps of the people, DFP field units endeavor to expose the mass to the diverse socio-economic and cultural milieu of the country and inspire them to move ahead united as citizens of the largest democracy of the world

        Broadly, the AIMS and OBJECTIVES of the Directorate are :-

 1) To project the policies and programmes of the government by bringing its men and material FACE TO FACE with the people and to inform them about the plans and schemes formulated for their benefits.

 2) To educate people about the fundamental national values like democracy, socialism and secularism and to reinforce their faith in them through constant personal contacts.

 3) To establish rapport with the people at the GRASS ROOT level for their active participation in the development activities as also to mobilize public opinion in favor of IMPLEMENTATION of welfare and development programmes.

 4) To gather PEOPLE'S REACTIONS to the programmes and policies of the government and their implementation down to the village level and to report them back for appropriate action and corrective by the government. The Directorate thus works as TWO- WAY CHANNEL OF COMMUNICATION between the government and the people.


2 SOPs were org at wadange, Dis- Kolhapur on 25th and Khardi, Dis-Solapur on 26th of Mar 17. H’ble MLA Shri Prashant Paricharak was the chief guest in SOP, Khardi. Units organised various awareness activities on the occasion of PPI Day on 2nd and World Health Day on 7th. Also units publicised the SBM & IMPCC theme during routine activities. Total 87 Film shows, 50 Photo Exhibitions, 130 Spl. Programmes, 104 Oral Communication Programmes and 80 Feedback collected during the month. Total 54 villages covered during the month.
4 SOP were org. at Nagpur, Solapur, Nashik and Kolhapur districts of Maharashtra on Handloom Day. Along with regular field activities, units organised various competitions, Camps, general health check up camps, lectures, local entertainment programmes and skits etc.. Units organised various awareness activities on the occassion of “Maan Ki Baat”. Total 02 Film shows, 06 Photo Exhibitions, 10 Oral Communication Programmes organized during the month. Total 04 villages covered during the month.
17 RMNCH+A progs were org at various identified dist in Maharashtra region. Sh Santosh Tarphe, MLA present for Sirsam prog. Sh Tanaji Mutkule, MLA present for Bhandegaon prog and Sh Haribhu Bagade, Chairman, Vidhansabha, Govt. of Mah. present for Chittepimpalgaon also ADG, DFP, Pune attended the prog. 3 SOPs were org upto 22 Mar 17 at various places in the region. The Swachh Shakti 2017 and Swachh Shakti Saptah 1-8/3/17 was publicised by the units during RMNCH+A and SOPs. Units also highlighted the IMPCC theme during the prog. Total 34 Film shows, 45 Photo Exhibitions, 7 Spl. Programmes, 196 Oral Communication Programmes and 224 Feedback collected during the month. Total 20 villages covered during the month.
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