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1. History of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
             Andhra Pradesh is one of the first states in India which was formed only on the linguistic basis. After India's independence the Telugu-speaking people were distributed in about 21 districts. Out of them 9 were in the Nizam's Dominions and 12 in the Madras Presidency. On October 1, 1953, 11 districts of the Madras State were consolidated to form a new Andhra State with Kurnool as capital. Later, on November 1, 1956 the State Reorganization Commission recommended to enlarge the Andhra State by adding nine districts which were in the Nizam's Dominion. The city of Hyderabad, became the capital of the enlarged Andhra Pradesh.

          On 2 June 2014, Telangana became the 29th state of India. And on 11th October, 2016 the Govt. of Telangana has divided the existing 10 districts to form 31 new districts.
Coastal Andhra
includes the districts of Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur Prakasam and SPSR Nellore in coastal plain between Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal.

lies in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh state in the basin of the Penner River. The region includes Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur and Chittoor districts. These districts are relatively large in size and drought prone as cultivation mostly depends on rains.
is situated on the Deccan plateau. The Godavari and Krishna rivers flow through the state and the catchment areas of these two rivers is about 74%.
Andhra Pradesh state map with 13 districts
Telangana state map with new 31 districts
Field Publicity Unit, Nizamabad organized two programmes of Ministry of Health & Family Welfares on RMNCH+A at Boath and Talamadugu Mandal Headquarters in Adilabad district on 16th & 23rd February, 2017 respectively.
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