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Census of Andhra Pradesh - 2011
As per details from Census 2011, Andhra Pradesh has population of 8.46 Crore, an increase from figure of 7.62 Crore in 2001 census. Total population of Andhra Pradesh as per 2011 census is 84,665,533 of which male and female are 42,509,881 and 42,155,652 respectively. In 2001, total population was 76,210,007 in which males were 38,527,413 while females were 37,682,594. The total population growth in this decade was 11.10 percent while in previous decade it was 13.86 percent. The population of Andhra Pradesh forms 7.00 percent of India in 2011. In 2001, the figure was 7.41 percent.
Literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh has seen upward trend and is 67.66 percent as per 2011 population census. Of that, male literacy stands at 75.56 percent while female literacy is at 59.74 percent. In 2001, literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh stood at 60.47 percent of which male and female were 71.16 percent and 50.29 percent literate respectively. In actual numbers, total literates in Andhra Pradesh stands at 51,438,510 of which males were 28,759,782 and females were 22,678,728.
Total area of Andhra Pradesh is 275,045 sq. km. Density of Andhra Pradesh is 308 per sq km which is lower than national average 382 per sq km. In 2001, density of Andhra Pradesh was 277 per sq km, while nation average in 2001 was 324 per sq km. Sex Ratio of Andhra Pradesh is 992 i.e. for each 1000 male, which is below national average of 940 as per census 2011. In 2001, the sex ratio of female was 978 per 1000 males in Andhra Pradesh.
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