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Aims & Objectives

  VISION:   Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP) envisages direct contact with people so that information about plans, programmes, schemes, policies and achievements of Government of India is delivered to them at their doorsteps and also at their convenience; to take immediate direct feedback from the people back to the Government; to improve effective two-way information flow between the Government of India and the people; improve people’s participation by making informed choices in development activities planned by the Union Government for their benefit. In effect, DFP envisions to become a world class messenger in interpersonal communication mode between the Government of India and the people thereby creating a better informed society

 MISSION:   DFP strives to intensify its contact with people, initially in remote, rural, tribal, backward and media shadow areas, through setting up of information delivery mechanism in every district of the country and alternatively through other modes by enlisting people’s participation as field communicators on behalf of DFP in the process creating more work opportunities; to use modern technology for further strengthening benefits of interpersonal communication; to empower more and more people with information to help improve the quality of their lives. DFP is the only Directorate of the Government of India engaged in interpersonal communication with the common man.

  OBJECTIVES:    To project plans, programmes, schemes, policies and achievements of Government of India by bringing its men and material face to face with the people and to inform them about the plans and schemes formulated for their benefit.

 • To educate people about the fundamental national values like democracy, socialism, secularism and communal harmony and to reinforce their faith in them through constant personal contacts.

• To establish rapport with the people at the grass root level for their active participation in the developmental activities as also to mobilize public opinion in favour of implementation of welfare and developmental programmes.

• To gather people’s reactions to the programmes and policies of the Government and their implementation and to report them back for appropriate action and course corrective measures, wherever required.

   FUNCTIONS:   Through its present 207 Field Units spread across the country, DFP carries out routine and special awareness campaigns on various programmes and policies of Ministries and Departments of Union Government. Being a field organization, DFP seeks to disseminate information, generate awareness and bring about attitudinal change in the people towards Union Government’s plans and programmes. DFP collects feedback from the people about various initiatives and policies of the Government. DFP thus acts as a bridge between the people and the Government in the true sense. The public awareness activities of DFP are organized in collaboration and coordination with Central and State Government, People’s Representatives, PRIs, Opinion Leaders, Local NGOs and institutions working to facilitate various developmental and social welfare programmes of the Government.


During the month of December 2017, all six field units had done 34 film shows, 92 group discussions and 86 photo exhibitions for voter awareness campaign and on Health Awareness. Region had organised one workshop and Program on Leprosy, T.B. & Mission Indradhanush. Approximately 11900 people get the information.
During the period under report, six DFP units in Gujarat arranged 69, film shows, 83,group discussions, 57, photo exhibitions and 18,special interactive programmes on health & DBT. They submitted 93 feedback reports. Through these programmes, they reached around 45 thousand people. A campaign on ‘Direct benefit scheme’ was launched at Mehsana and Bhavnagar where the programme will be rolled out in future. Junagadh and Bhavnagar units are participating in Public Information Campaign held at Sardhar in Rajkot district. Units organized special programmes on the occasion of Pulse Polio day on 24th February.
During the period under report, six DFP units in Gujarat arranged 94 film shows, 101 group discussions, 68 photo exhibitions and 9 special interactive programmes with a focus on ‘National Rural Drinking Water Programme’. They submitted 47 feedback reports. Surat unit organized a special programme on the occasion of ‘World Population day’ which attracted wide publicity in print media. Palanpur unit organized a quiz competition at Lunpur high school in Deesa district on NRDWP. Regional office organized an orientation workshop for health awareness campaign at Ahmedabad in collaboration with Song & Drama division.
A total of 72 film shows, 10 special programmes and 46 photo exhibitions were organized during the month. Godhra unit arranged a Quiz contest on Bharat Nirman at Adarsh Nivasi Shala of Raniyar village of Zalod block of Dahod district. A similar
During the period under report, six DFP units in Gujarat arranged 98 film shows, 109 group discussions, 74 photo exhibitions and 19 special interactive programmes and 102 Feedback with a focus on ‘Rajiv Gandhi Vidyutikaran Yojna’. Special programmes were organized on the occasion of Independence day celebrations,Breast feeding week and Sadbhavna divas..Junagadh unit organized a elocution competition in Gondal block on PM’s 15-point programme for minorities. Bhavnagar unit organized a special programme on ‘Breast feeding week’. Surat unit organized a special programme on the occasion of ‘Sadbhavna divas’ which attracted wide publicity in print media.
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