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     Progress in the use of Hindi in official work in the Directorate of Field Publicity:

     DFP has taken following steps to implement instructions issued by the Department of Official Language on the progressive use of Hindi for official purpose of the Union as contained in the Official Language Act, 1963 and the Official Language ( use for official purposes of the Union) Rules 1976.

     Official Language Section:

     The Hindi Section of this Directorate is concerned with the overall aspect of work relating to Official Language in the official work.

     Anaual Program Prescribed by official language department:

       Anaual Program 2012-2013

     Creation of Hindi post for implementation of the Official Language Policy:

     1. Asstt. Director(OL)

     2. Hindi Translator

     Notification under Rule 10 (4) and specified under rule 8(4) of the Official Language ( use for official purposes of the Union) Rules, 1976:

     This Directorate was notified under Rule 10 (4) of the Official Languages Rules, 1976 on 2.1.1979 and specified under rule 8 (4) for doing work in Hindi on 13.10.1988. Beside that, out of 22 Regional Offices and 207 Field Publicity Units working under the control of DFP, 182 offices of A & B region working under this Directorate were also notified and specified till now. Orders were issued from time to time directing all officers and employees proficient in Hindi to do their work in Hindi. Instructions in this regard are reiterated every year for strict compliance.

     Observance of Hindi day/fortnight:

     With a view to accelerating the use of the Official Language and increasing the awareness of the employees regarding Official Language Policy and various incentive schemes for using Hindi in official work. “ Hindi Day” was observed on 14th September and “ Hindi Fortnight” was observed from 14-28 September, 2010.

     On this occasion, the messages received from Hon’ble Minister for Information and Broadcasting were circulated in the DFP Hqrs. as well as to the Regional Offices. In their messages, they appealed to the officers and employees of the Department to adopt Hindi in their day to day official work. This was done with the twin objectives of (a) giving wider publicity to the various schemes and (b) generating maximum output in terms of work done in Hindi. During the fortnight, ‘Hindi Essay competition’; Hindi noting & drafting, Hindi Dictation, Hindi Writing Competition and Quiz Competition were organized in the DFP (Hqrs.). Besides, as per report received from our Regional Offices, 51 film shows, 149 oral communications/group discussions, 27 essay competitions, 39 sangoshthi/goshti/meetings, 17 calligraphy competitions, 6 reading competition, 23 elocutions, 3 slogan writing competition, 18 quiz competitions, 5 national song competition, 3 paricharcha, 6 Hindi Workshop, 4 Hindi typing competition, 1 Poetic Symposia, 4 Dictation, 1 Parisamvad, 1 Translation competition, 2 noting competition and 13 meetings were organized during the fortnight.

     Check-points for implementation of orders relating to the Official Language:

     The effectiveness of check-points is being regularly monitored through the quarterly progress reports received from sections of the DFP (Hqrs.) as well as the Regional offices.

     Orders were issued from time to time to ensure that rule 3(3) of OL Act 1963 is strictly complied with and all letters received in Hindi are invariably replied in Hindi. English to Hindi dictionaries have already been provided to all sections of the Directorate for encouraging the use of Hindi in day to day official work. Translation assistance was provided whenever required by the officers and sections of the hqrs. All rubber stamps, name plates, signboards etc. were invariably prepared in bilingual form.


     During the last year, inspections were carried out by the Officers of this Directorate in Regional Offices/Units to see compliance of the Official Language Policy. They also assess whether the orders relating to Hindi are being implemented. Afterwards, the officer submits the report and takes follow-up action.

     Inspections were carried out by the Officers of this Directorate during the last year are as follows:-                                                                                                                                                                                  

Kolhapur (Pune) 27/04/2010 Ahmednagar (Pune) 19/05/2010
Ratnagiri (Pune) 08/09/2010 Nanded (Pune) 22/09/2010
Ahmednagar (Pune) 05/01/2011 Poonch (Jammu) 22/09/2010
Kathua (Jammu) 29/09/2010 Kolhapur (Pune) 19/01/2010
Solhapur(Pune)  10/03/2011 Nagpur (Pune) 23/03/2011
 Nagpur (Pune) 23/03/2011 Panji (Pune) 22/02/2011
Facility of computer and Devnagari typewriter:

     As part of computerization programme in Hindi ‘Akchhar’ and ‘Mangal’ software have been installed in the computers of DFP Hqrs. As of now, total 44 computers have bilingual facility. Devnagari typewriters are available in adequate number in Regional Offices as well as Field Publicity Units of this Department.

     Time-bound training programme : Meetings:

     The meetings of the Departmental Official Language Implementation Committee are held regularly in each quarter. The Assistant Director Incharge (OL) (who is a Member- Secretary) takes personal responsibility for holding the meeting regularly. The dates of last four quarterly meetings are 25.6.2010, 27/09/2010, 31/12/2010, and 24/03/2011. Decisions taken in the meeting were implemented.

     Incentive Schemes/Awards:

     The Directorate has widely promoted and propagated the various incentive schemes of the Deptt. of the Official Language in its Hqrs. and Regional Offices. These are as follows:

     1. Indira Gandhi Official Language award.

     2. Award given by different Ministries/departments for writing original book in Hindi.

     3. Incentive scheme for doing work in Hindi.

     4. Grant of Hindi incentive allowance to stenographers and typists for doing their official work in Hindi in addition to English.

     5. Incentive on passing Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya examination under Hindi Teaching Scheme.

     6. Incentive on passing Hindi typewriting and Hindi stenography examination under Hindi Teaching Scheme.

     Hindi Workshop:

     Hindi workshops were organized for the officers and employees working in this organization in each quarter. During the last year, 3 Hindi Workshops were arranged, the details of which are as follows:

Date No. of participants Subject
16/09/2010 20  1. Official language policy, rules, act and resolution
2. Various stages of Hindi language
30/12/2010 31 1. Nothing & Drafting in Hindi.
2. Difficulties to be faced in doing
24/03/2011 22 1. Standardization of script, language & Spelling.
2. official language committees and incentives



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