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क्षेत्रीय प्रचार निदेशालय में आपका स्वागत है

क्षेत्रीय प्रचार निदेशालय सूचना और प्रसारण मंत्रालय के मीडिया एककों में से एक है जो 207 क्षेत्रीय प्रचार इकाइयों और 22 प्रादेशिक कार्यालयों के नेटवर्क के साथ सरकार के विभन्न कार्यक्रमों एवं नीतियों के प्रचार-प्रसार में कार्यरत है । क्षेत्रीय प्रचार निदेशालय की शुरूआत 1953 में हुई। तब इस निदेशालय के तहत 32 क्षेत्रीय प्रचार इकाइयां और चार प्रादेशिक कार्यालय मोबाइल इकाई के रूप में कार्यरत थे। बाद में इस विभाग का निर्माण संगठित प्रचार कार्यक्रम के तहत किया गया और इसका नाम रखा गया " पंचवर्षीय योजना प्रचार संगठन" । प्रादेशिक कार्यालयों तथा इकाइयों के उपर मंत्रालय का सीधा प्रशासनिक नियंत्रण था । तत्पश्चात, 1959 में एक पूर्ण निदेशालय की स्थापना हुई ताकि वह क्षेत्रीय प्रचार इकाइयों के क्रियाकलापों पर नजर रख सके और इस तरह इस निदेशालय का नाम " क्षेत्रीय प्रचार निदेशालय" पड़ा ।  

Activity Place - Barratola Khudiya Region Name - CHHATTISGARH Activity Name - Group Meeting / Discussion

11 FPUs of A.P. Region carried out intensive publicity campaign on SVEEP & Voter’s Awareness. Guntur unit organized special programme on Voter’s Awareness/ SVEEP at Pedakurapadu village & mandal of Guntur district on 23.04.14 and Shri TVK. Reddy, Director, Hyderabad participated as a Chief Guest in the programme. In coordination with the District Collector, Mahaboobnagar District the Sangareddy unit organized intensive awareness campaign on SVEEP in CHENCHU Tribal villages of Amarabad and Lingala mandals in Mahaboobnagar district from 23-25 April, 2014. During the period, the unit organized public meetings in 16 villages and sensitizes the tribal community on importance of casting vote in forthcoming General Elections and urged them to participate in the voting.


During April,2014, all units of Assam region carried out voter awareness campaigns under SVEEP for General Election 2014. As a part of this camping, 471 Oral Commutation/Group Discussion , 27 Photo Exhibition, and 31 film shows. Also 192 feedback responds were collected during there progrommes. A total of 722 programmes/ activities were carried out during the month minimum 23067 persons.


The main highlight of the Bihar Region includes extensive campaign on Voter Awareness in co-ordination with district level SVEEP core committee in the entire state particularly at the places where voter turn out during the last election was low. In all 49 Film Shows, 69 Oral Comm., 52 Photo Exh. and 9 Spl. Prog were organised during the month of April, 2014. Ten attractive rallies for moblizing voters were organised at different places.


During the month April 2014 all 11 units uner the Raipur Region has organized voter awareness campaigns. Awareness prog conduct at low turnout Booth by the unit . Flex exhibition, Nukkad Sabha and Film show has been arrange about 36 thousand people. Also Rewa unit organised programmes under SVEEP for voter awareness. During the programme the unit has organised group discussion, cultural activities and film show also. The unit has organised programmes for voter awareness with co-ordination of Department of Social JUsice, GOvt of M P . The unit has made arrangements to take oath for voters to cast their vote. During the month of April 2014, the unit has organizes awareness programs focusing on voter awareness programs. Unit conducting 12 film shows, 12 Flex exhibition based on SVEEP & 20 Oral Communication . Nearly 6,500 people were messages directly from the program. Programme conducted with help of district nodal officer of SVEEP Durg . In addition the DAVP exhibition unit Raipur has organize a 6 Day SVEEP exhibition at Durg district HQr panchayat office premise.


Unit covered 17 villages in this month and conducted voter awareness programme. Unit orgainzed photo exhibition, Oral Communication Film Show and Mobile Van Publicity etc in the field programme at villages of Surat Parliyamentry Constitunacy from 3rd to 16th April, 2014.


The field units of DFP, J&K Region organised routine as well as special publicity activities on SVEEP and various issues related to National Integration and Communal Harmony. One of our field unit viz., Leh in coordination with Nehru Yuva Kendra and Nodal Officer, SWEEP, Leh organised publicity activities in Saspol, Khalsi, Skurbuchal, Kharu, Choglamsar, Chunathang and Nyoma villages of Leh district. Approximately, 12,000 audinece were covered by all the field units.


Most of the FPU conducted SVEEP for creating awareness among the voters during third phase of polls in the state. Some of the units also organize programmes related to NRHM AND AIDS awareness.


The Field Units of Karnataka Region organized Programmes on SVEEP during the month of April - 2014 in identified blocks by organizing interactive programmes. The each interactive programme package includes Film Show, Photo Exhibition, Group discussions, Public Meeting. (b) The SVEEP programmes were focused on different target groups like self help group members, youths and students. The competitions were held to ensure the participation of the people for the interactive programmes. (c) In view of “World Health Day” units organised programmes on various Health issues. Each programme contains Film Shows and Group discussions.


In eight units voters awareness proagrammes orgnised in 08 distt.Total 47 villages covered by these proagrammes.



MMT Region of DFP carried out its monthly field programs through its units during the month of April 2014 stressing on the themes SVEEP and Bharat Nirman


Special out reach Programmes on SWEEP, (NSAP)National Social Assistance Programme, Bharat Nirman PhaseII, were carried out in this month of April 2014.


SVEEP campaign was conducted in coordination with District Administration of Hisar.


The Field publicity units of the Odisha region carried our extensive publicity activities on Right to vote,voters' awareness progm,use of NOTA button and on SVEEP for the general election to Lok sabha and state assembly,2014 to increse the voting percentage at large, Besides, FPU-Phulbani observed the World health day on 07.04.14 among the ANMs. The units also carried out programmes on vector borne diseases, sanitation, safe drinking water, immunisation and national integration & communal harmony . Likewise the region became able to reach arround 30000 of target audiences of different walks of life.A regional level awareness programme on Voters' awareness was organised at BJB college under the supervision of Sh. D. Chakrabarti, ADG interms of workshop and elocution competition. Dr. Haripriya Sathapathy, Principal was the chief guest of the Programme.


In April,2014, DFP Rajasthan has organized 2164 programme activities for Voter Awareness including 516 quiz programmes, 234 Film Shows, 759 Oral Communications, 655 Photo exhibitions in 623 villages. A record 2,04,074 people were directly reached through the programmes . 1726 Feedback stories were collected from the grass root level about the level of voters awareness and the facilities available for the voters about the election process. On an average, a Unit conducted programmes in 2-3 villages per day. Voter Awareness programmes have been organized in co-ordination with the Election Department.


This unit has only film shows for SVEEP during General Election


Voters awareness campaign being carried out in rural and remote urban areas by all the Units of this Region



Jorethang unit.


In the month of April,2014, no publicity on government schemes was undertaken by West Bengal(South) region due to enforcement of election Model Code of Conduct. West Bengal(South) region organized publicity programmes on Systematic Voter Education and Electoral Participation(SVEEP), NICH, general health and literacy among the public in BADP areas of North 24 Parganas district, Minority Community(MCD) areas of Bardhaman & Hooghly districts and other identified areas in Hooghly district with suitable publicity materials within the ambit of Election Model Code of Conduct.

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