Directorate of Field Publicity  Kolkata  

Aims & Objectives

Broadly, the aims and objectives of the Directorate are:-

 • To educate people about the fundamental national values like democracy, socialism, secularism and communal harmony and to reinforce their faith in them through constant personal contacts.

• To establish rapport with the people at the grass root level for their active participation in the developmental activities as also to mobilize public opinion in favour of implementation of welfare and developmental programmes.

• To gather people’s reactions to the programmes and policies of the Government and their implementation and to report them back for appropriate action and course corrective measures, wherever required.

   The Field Publicity Units form the wide base on which stands the pyramidal structure of the Directorate. Operating at the grassroots level, the burden of putting across the messages through deployment of appropriate media, of course with the exclusive advantage of using it as two-way channel, rests on their shoulders. The challenges inherent in handling of the job are faced by them with vigour, tact and perseverance. In fact, they are an important link between the people and the Government.

While broadly they take up almost all the national themes, their role assumes tremendous significance in border areas where they do their best to counter the propaganda inimical to India and endeavour to create the spirit of patriotism and defence preparedness coupled with a sense of oneness with the people of the entire country.

Field Offices stationed in the tribal belts have a special responsibility to endear themselves to the tribal population. They strive to build up an atmosphere of trust and respect for their culture and values.

The success of Field Officers lies in their having a clear conception of objectives, programme planning and effective implementation with constant assessment and rectification.


Field Publicity Unit, Bardhaman organised two health and family welfare campaign while Chuchura unit organised one health campaign during the month of February. All the field units in this region organised routine programmes and highlighted the theme on Swachhta Pakhwada and Pulse Polio Immunization. Themes like PMJDY, PM Jiban Suraksha Yojana etc. were highlighted during programmesof field units. Bardhaman unit also actively involved in ‘Sansand Mela’ organised by Honb’leUnion Minister,Shri Babul Supriya
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