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Major Formats of Publicity Programmes

Major Formats of Publicity Programmes below.

Film Shows:- One of the main formats of publicity used by the field units is the audio-visual programme in the form of film shows. Messages are put across to the audience in the form of entertaining documentary films. Sometimes feature films are also screened as crowd puller. Sources of documentary/feature films used by DFP are :
1. Films Division
2. National Films Development Corporation
3. Children's Film Society
4. Doordarshan
5. Various Ministries

Whenever necessary, in addition to Hindi, documentary films are dubbed into the following regional Indian languages: 1. Marathi 2. Gujarati 3. Telugu 4. Kannada 5. Tamil 6. Malayalam 7. Bengali 8. Odia 9. Assamese 10. Manipuri 11. Punjabi 12. Kashmiri 13. Dogri 14. Urdu 15. Nepali,16. Konkani The Field Publicity Units are provided with documentary films on various topics such as National Integration and Communal Harmony, Health, Family welfare, AIDS Awareness, Rural Development, Child Rights, Girl Child, Environment, etc. The Field Publicity units are equipped with audio-visual equipment such as portable video projector, films, PA equipment and generator. As the film show programmes, particularly those arranged in open areas after sunset, attract large audiences, the Field Officer makes the best use of the opportunity by not only putting across the message/messages through the medium of film, but also by punctuating the screening with crisp and to-the-point talks on the themes. The same applies to film show programmes that are organised in closed halls during daytime in schools, colleges and other institutions.

Photo Exhibition:- All the Field Publicity units are equipped with portable exhibition kits. Apart from the exhibition sets supplied by DAVP, DFP has also produced three 16-panel exhibition sets on AIDS Awareness, Pulse Polio Immunisation and Child Labour. When a Field unit reaches the programme site, which may be a village or a slum in the urban area, the Field Publicity Officer contacts the opinion leaders including the Gram Pradhan and Sarpanch with a view to involve them with the programme. During the day the exhibition is displayed at an appropriate place like a classroom, a verandah of a school or a Panchayat Hall, to which people from nearby places are invited. The exhibits are explained to the visitors with the maximum possible information. Effort is also made by the Field Officers to provoke questions from the audience on various issues and answer these in order to remove any doubts from their minds.

Song And Drama Apart from film shows programmes, the Field Units also organise Song and Drama programmes, which comprise the following popular categories: (a) Drama, and (b) Composite Programme (including music concert, ballet, folk dance, Qawali etc.) Traditional cultural media like folk song/folk play, Hari Katha, Puppet show, Raslila, Aalha, poetic symposia etc. are also utilised by the field units.

Oral Communication Programmes TThe most important mode of communication used by the Field Publicity Unit, is the oral communication or inter-personal communication. Seminars, symposia, group discussions, etc. are the various methods of oral communication.With the advent of state-of-the-art communication gadgets,DFP is also using smart phones to spread important messages through WhatsApp and Twitters as medium of interperssonal communication.Since the field officers come face-to-face with the people, they have the advantage of using this medium for communicating various messages. The Field Officer through these programmes has the advantage of watching the reactions of the people. While he removes the doubts raised to the extent possible on the spot, he reports back to the headquarters the reactions where action at a higher level is called for.

Special Programmes With the objective to have people participation and involvement, the Field Publicity Officers organise special programmes in the form of competitions. Some of them are - essay competitions, debates, elocution contests, patriotic song competitions, healthy baby shows, local talent competitions, painting and drawing competitions, rural sports, Rangoli, Rallies on various themes are also Organized . Attractive prizes in the form of books and other utility items are awarded to the winners. Printed publicity material at the exhibition site, as also at the place where the film shows are arranged, printed material supplied by DAVP and other Government agencies on relevant themes is extensively distributed. Posters are pasted at conspicuous places.



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