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             Karnataka is the IT capital of India and one of the most progressive and culturally rich state. Located in the southern part of the country, it is surrounded by other states like Maharashtra and Goa in the north, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the south, Andhra Pradesh in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west. Bangalore is the state capital. Karnataka's total land area is 1,91,791 It accounts for 5.83 percent of the total area of the country (32.88 lakh and ranks eighth among major States of the country in terms of size. The state of Karnataka is situated approximately between the latitudes 11.5° and 18.5° North and the longitudes 74° and 78.5° East. The state's long and colourful history, and the many forts, temples, mosques, and churches make Karnataka a great place. The majority of the Karnataka state lies on the Deccan Plateau. Karnataka is an enchanting land abounding in scenic beauty, rich is flora and fauna. It has pomp and pageantry of glorious traditions and marvels of modern engineering. Karnataka has always been at the forefront of industrial growth in India. With its inherent capabilities coupled with its enterprising citizens, Karnataka provides the ideal choice for investment opportunities. Karnataka is well known for producing some of the country's foremost statesmen, scientists, scholars, musicians and sportspersons, and has a strong tourism industry. Majority of IT activity in Karnataka is concentrated in Bangalore.


          Geographical Location: Karnataka State has a geographical area of 1,91,791 of which 38,724 (20 per cent) is under the control of the Forest Department. The forests are classified as reserved (28,611, protected (3,932, unclassified (5,748, village (124 and private (309 The percentage of forest area to geographical in the State is less than the all-India average of about 23%, and 33% prescribed in the National Forest Policy.



The Region conducted 02 Special Outreach Programmes during the month of July, 2017. The Field Units of Karnataka Region also organized routine programmes during the month of July,2017 . The each interactive programme package included Public Meeting, Film Shows, Photo Exhibitions and Group Discussions.
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